viernes, 9 de noviembre de 2012

New Changes!


First, we want to thank everyone for their patience and for not giving up on us (thanks for the messages!). Those who have being in touch know that Cosas con Cositas is not over. But we had to change our “Philosophy”.

Until know we would make a piece and had some material in stock for orders. But often we kept things in stock, or run out of it and many of our suppliers don’t have always the same things too. In the end, it was almost a nightmare to look for material to make what you asked for. Besides, we are also starting a new project which will be the “little brother” of our brand, and what ‘s also taking a lot of our time.

So, Cosas con Cositas changes... It’s not over, but so we can work more, offer you more and to update the blog more often, from now on we will only make UNIQUE pieces. We keep our policy “I’m looking for something for a special person. She or he are like this, this and this, and likes this, this and that. Can you do something especially for him/her?” – of course we can! And if you like something which is already sold, don’t hesitate in asking us if we can still do it (as some of you have already done). But we will be honest: if we can’t do it or will take too much time, we are going to say it. We think being honest and direct is best for all. You win because you have special and unique complements, and we win because we can work harder, offer you more and don’t feel stressed running from a place to another, with endless searches on internet and having to wait for providers that sometimes take ages in answering.

We sincerely hope you’ll understand.

And once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :D :D :D

We promise you to give news more often and share with you our work.

Check also our Facebook page and be aware of our first contest this weekend!


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